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Custom web solutions, CMS (WordPress, ExpressionEngine), eCommerce (WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, CartThrob), API and integrations.


Plan, analyze and execute customer experience for improved engagement, conversions and revenue.


Site design from concept to implementation including custom design, theme customization and complete front-end development.


Ongoing support and site maintenance

How we can work together

I plug directly into your process and workflow acting as an integral member of your distrbuted team. My involvement can scale to your immediate and longer term needs.

My specialty is in taking on projects where others have failed: Do you have experience with flaky developers? Project managers who only impede progress and communication? Ecommerce sites that aren’t performing? Marketing sites that aren’t converting?


He has an uncanny ability to "see around corners" and identify problems before they become major issues [and] a magical combination of creativity and practicality that helps ensure your project will be a success.
Ellen Sluder: The Delve Group

[He has a] natural proclivity for diplomacy and human relations, a skill set that becomes only more valuable with time and professional maturity.
Russell Granger: CEO Rising Tide Group

[A]n excellent leader and problem solver, a self starter that always finds a way to deliver more than you were asking for.
Joe Gagliardi: FLAG

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Funcsion is based on Boulder, CO and services clients and agencies across the country.